Assault Air Bikes

Assault Air Bikes provide Thrive Gym members with the perfect conditioning workout

The bike is a terrific ‘default’ cardio-based exercise.

It allowers users to combine a huge range of movement in one and has multiple uses, from simply warming up to a full stand-alone workout.

The Assault Air Bike is a stationary bike that combines cycling and rowing.

It allows users to raise their heart rate and warm muscles in seconds and can be incorporated into interval training to improve aerobic capacity, rehabilitation from injury as their no impact and aide recovery on rest days by assisting blood flow.

Developed by Assault Fitness, part of LifeCORE Fitness, the Air Bike is recognised around the world as being the market-leading air bike.

It was designed by athletes for athletes and can deliver intense workouts. Put simply, the harder you work, the more the resistance increases.

The Air Bike was designed and tested in the USA. It is used by professional athletes and top gyms around the world including Thrive Gym.



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