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Thrive Gym Spirit Treadmills

Spirit Treadmills are the marketing leaders in treadmill technology.

Thrive Gym has a range of treadmills that allow members to keep fit whatever the weather.

Spirit Fitness introduced its flagship range of treadmills in 1986 and have continued to evolve their product line. The best continues to get even better.

Treadmills replicate the natural movement of everyday life and allow users to keep fit regardless of factors that may prevent outdoor activity.

They can be used to simply walk, jog or run and have a range of features to allow users to adapt the treadmill into their training program.

Warm-ups, interval training or just a simple cardio work out, the treadmill is hard to beat.

The CT-900 treadmills at Thrive Gym provide users with 17 workouts which include a top running speed of 20 km/h and 15 incline levels.

Turbo running fans and a spacious running belt fitting with shock absorbers provide users with a first-class product.

The treadmill is perfect for beginners interested in walking or starting to jog or athletes dedicated to running when the weather prevents getting outside.



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