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Five Star Review From First Member To Train At Thrive Gym Rawtenstall

For Gavin Robertson the excitement was almost too much.

Three site visits during the creation of Thrive Gym Rawtenstall had wetted his appetite sufficiently to leave him almost unable to sleep the night before opening.

In his own words, this 65-year-old former marketer admits he was like a ‘kid at Christmas!’ as he counted down the hours.

Even then he couldn’t stop himself arriving some 15 minutes before the doors had even opened!

And three hours later, Gavin was still at it, trialling the new equipment and lavishing praise on the Thrive team for their work creating the Valley’s new home for health and fitness.

Special Place

“What a place, what a magnificent special, special place this is,” he told Thrive.

“The people of Rossendale have no idea what you’ve given them, it truly takes the breath away.

“I’ve been waiting to get in here and I kept checking the website and once I knew the date I couldn’t wait.

“It’s quite pathetic for a man of my age to get excited about the opening of a gym but the facilities truly are second to none.

“It wasn’t actually about being first, I just couldn’t wait to get in and see it all finished, sparkling and new and what a place this is.”

Daily Routine

Gavin is a 65-year-old former marketing executive with, by his own admission, all the time in the world to do whatever he wants.

But he has no desire to kick back and relax and believes keeping fit and healthy to be a vital start to his daily routine.

Until now, Gavin has been trekking from his home in Bacup to a gym in Burnley but was growing tired of the commute, especially during the winter months.

Gavin added: “I’ve been a member of gyms all my life my Mum lived in Burnley at the time and so, I thought I would join a gym there and kill two birds with one stone.

“But she isn’t there now and I started to find it a bit of a drag and when it’s cold and wet, you don’t really fancy it.


“Then one day I popped into the Lidl in Rawtenstall and the cashier told me about Thrive and I came down to have a look.

“It was still a bit of a building site but you could see straight away how impressive it was going to be. There was work going on everywhere but the mezzanine they were building took the breathe away.

“I’ve been going to gyms all my life and I hadn’t seen anything quite like this.

“Then they told me there would a coffee shop and a physios and barber and so much more so I signed up and I’ve been back three times to see it and my word have they delivered.

Gavin was our first member onto the gym floor as Thrive Gym Rawtenstall opened for its soft launch on Thursday January 20th.

There are still a few finishing touches to add ahead of the official ribbon cutting event with the Mayor and Mayoress, Cllr Jackie Oakes and Mrs Christine Lamb on Monday 7th February but even so, it was clear the work has been worth the wait.

Rossendale Valley

The opening heralded the beginning of a new era for health and fitness in the Rossendale Valley with three purpose built studios offering Pilates, Yoga, HIIT classes and Spinning.

There is a huge offering of weights with 3500kg of plate weights and dumbbells up to 70kg. The gym has a stunning array of Freemotion cable strength machines and cardiovascular equipment including incline trainers, bikes and elliptical trainers and members are also the first in the UK to have the advantage of training with iFIT powered on-demand personal trainers.

“When I first arrived this morning I was blown away. There isn’t a piece of kit you could wish for that they don’t have at Thrive but, despite the fact that there is a lot of kit,  there is still a lot of space,” Gavin added.

“I’ve always been an early-ish morning exerciser but I think it is particularly important when you are retired to retain some sort of routine in your life or you can just start to drift and it becomes 8am, or 9am, or 10am and the day is disappearing.

“I like to train early and then you still have the rest of the day and what a start to the day it is!

“The gym I was using in Burnley is quite small. I like it and they have a lot of kit but it’s all quite close together and so, even though you can do a great workout, it all feels a bit claustrophobic.

“Here there is so much space. You can do a set and walk around a little bit and get a breather.


“The versatility of the rig in the middle means you can do mini classes, I love the lighting and the ambience of the studios.

“They really are stunning and it’s all the little touches like the logo on the windows of the studio, that little attention to detail, and the colour scheme that runs throughout the building shows whoever designed this knows what they are doing

“The equipment really is incredible and whilst some people may worry it seems complicated it really isn’t and in any case, the team here were super helpful in showing me how to use it all.”

Despite Gavin’s experience of gyms he admits he would normally train solo but, after just 15 minutes training at Thrive, he admits his view has now changed, thanks to the help of Personal Trainer Leon.

He created an on-the-spot 15 minute taster for Gavin using some of the new equipment but more importantly a fresh approach to training.


Gavin, added; “I’ve done a few little classes before but I’ve never had one-to-one instruction before but today was my first time with a PT. I know what the kit does as I’ve been going to gyms all my life but I tend to do the same thing.

“That ten minutes I had with Leon this morning absolutely wrecked me! It was brilliant! He took me right outside of my comfort zone and I loved it.

“It has totally changed my mind about working with Personal Trainers and 100% I will be training with Leon moving forward. If you are in a class or work with a Personal Trainer you want to work hard for them. I don’t want lip service, I want honesty and it was so refreshing.

“I will be back here five times-a-week, maybe six times and I’m so lucky that I’m only a few minutes down the road so I can nip in and do a 20 minutes abs blast or whatever.

“Thank you, on behalf of those that don’t even know it yet, you have created something really quite special here!”

Thrive Gym Rawtenstall have had a huge response to opening and for the remainder of the month will continue to operate the ‘First Month Free’ offer.

* Take advantage of our opening offer by joining for £9.99, enjoy your first month free, no contract – click this link to join Thrive Gym Rawtenstall



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