Which Les Mills Spin Session Works For You?

RPM and Les Mills Sprint are both terrific spin classes – but which is the right one for you?

Both are high energy and structured led spin cycling workouts set to great music.

And they both provide terrific workouts but they have been created for different purpopses.

Les Mills RPM is a 45 minute worout which is all about cario pek training. Riding along flats and uphills and mountains.

The instrictor leads the group through an imaginary terrain will lead the group in and out of intensity levels.

Each rider controls their own resistance and speed to build your fitness level over time.

RPM is described as a journey. The group start and end together and cover the same terrain.

Les Mills Sprint is a 30-minute high intensity interval training worjout designed for rapid results.

We go hard, we rest, we go hard, we rest and repeat.

The Spring sessions are designed to smash your fitness goals and burn caloires hours afterwards.

This is designed to push you to your limits!

The classes run throughout the day with our Virtual instructor allowing Thrive Gym members to litrerally hop on, hop off.

So, now you know, what are you waiting for! Get spinning!


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