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Level 3 PT
Specialises in muscle and strength gains, dedicated to building mass and reducing body fat.
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Martin Gross

Level 3 PT

Martin Gross is a passionate level 3 qualified personal trainer at Thrive Gym.

Martin achieved his PT qualifications whilsit also working two jobs and finishing his course within a year.

His journey into fitness began in his early 20s. Having finished his degree, Martin realised he was out of shape and overweight. He was around 21 stone.

So, he decided enough was enough and joined a nearby gym.

Over the next two years, his dedicated approach to training saw him shift an incredible seven tone, slimming down to 14 stone.

Martin’s weight loss journey introduced him to weightlifting and in early 2015 he began specifically training to gain muscle mass. Over the three years that followed he began to got stronger and gained muscle.

With careful dieting and strict meals Martin went from 14 stone to 18 stone and, over the course of 3 years gained and lost weight, in accordance with specific traiming goals, achieved through diet and training.

Over the years Martin’s training goals have shifted from power lifting to bodybuilding, losing three stone in just 12 weeks from January to March 2019.

Martin provides 24-hour support for my clients. His sessions are hard working, but they will also be fun, and his clients will gain confidence after each session, just in time for those results!

MY FIELDS OF expertise

I am a level 3 qualified personal trainer and I can provide training plans for anyone, regardless of their age of condition. I have a particular passion for weight lifting and body building. I train hard but also like to have fun.

Muscle and Strength Gains

Martin Gross has a passion for bodybuilding, power lifting and strongman.

His experience and dedication to the muscle and strength gaining has given him a plethora of knowledge when it comes to getting stronger and gaining muscle mass.

Martin has worked with many clients dedicated to the specific goal of developing mass and strength and with careful diet and strict training has achieved terrific success.

Gaining muscle is a long and patient process but Martin insists the results are well worth the sweat and effort required.

Building strength and muscle will improve your health, self confidence, reduce body fat and help clients to avoid injury and even improve your posture.

Fat Loss & Diet

One of the most overlooked aspects in gym culture is the importance of diet.

You can train as hard as you want but without the proper nutrition for your specific goals you will only achieve a small fraction of your results.

Martin’s personal experience with weight loss and diet is invaluable here and, combined with his experience of training multiple clients, is able to help fat loss.

His very first client lost 2 stone within 4 months of training, combining a steady diet with two PT sessions a week.

Martin provides meal plans and nutrition advice for any client, if you train with Martin he maintains he is available 24-hours-a-day to provide support for any questions regarding your meal plan.


Conditioning and Toning

Toning up the body and conditioning your fitness levels does not necessarily mean you must lose or gain weight.

This is about providing a new look to your body that is firmer, fitter and faster.

Martin will create a bespoke training program utilising a mix of weight training, circuit training and cardio.

The results will incluce an overall improvement in body shape, increased fitness levels, reduced bodyfat levels, increased muscle definition and overall health.

Fat Loss & Diet
Fat Loss & Diet
Fat Loss & Diet

How Can I Help You?

Allow me to create bespoke training package designed to help you achieve your personal goals.

Martin Gross,

Thrive Gym,
Bolton, BL2 6PT
w: 01204 917 773
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